At Epidermis, we’re always mindful that each of our clients’ skin has its own unique properties.

Our extensive experience, matched with in-depth consultations with each client, lets us determine which products in our lineup represent the greatest advantages. Every client is special, and, therefore, deserves a distinctively different treatment to achieve maximum results. We first evaluate your skin type — there are five: normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive — and then offer products best suited to deliver the desired results. 

You’re always welcome to try out anything we retail prior to making a purchase decision. To the professionals at Epidermis, it’s important you remain confident that you’re investing in something that will yield the results you deserve. Epidermis showcases a product line featuring minerals that include diamond, gold, quartz, red wine, and Dead Sea minerals — unique ingredients that produce results exceeding your expectations. We carefully evaluate everything we offer to make sure it meets the exceedingly high standards for all that we do at Epidermis.

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